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Healing in Baguio

A few weeks ago I was contacted via e-mail by the husband of a woman with terminal motor neuron disease. They wanted my advice as to whether psychic surgery could help ease her suffering. I advised him to take her to Baguio to see Rev. Jun Labo, a psychic surgeon.


A few weeks passed, and then I heard from someone in Baguio that she was there with her family and was undergoing psychic surgery. Evidentially, Jun had removed “a string of dead tissues” from her neck and tumors from her forehead. Previously, she had not been able to speak, but after her first few treatments she regained her voice.


Today, I received an e-mail from the woman, who is now back in her home country, and I’d like to share it with the readers of this blog:


“We are home now after our amazing experiences in the Philippines. As it turned out, we were the only ones seeking healing except for one day when a fellow from Europe was there. On our first day, I just lay there with my eyes closed, feeling Jun’s hands on me and blood running down my side. When I got off the table, all I saw was my daughter crying and my husband in a state of shock. I felt very happy and couldn’t understand their reaction. My husband had taken a video of it all, which I later viewed. I guess no matter what you have read about psychic healing it is still unbelievable when you see it really happening. I had 14 healings in all, and my family had several, too. 


One day, there was a film crew from Korea that was doing a documentary on Faith Healing in the Philippines. They filmed my husband and myself during healing and interviewed us afterwards. Apparently, a famous Korean singer had been cured of throat cancer by Jun, so they wanted to find out about it. The film is to go to air in Korea at the end of this month


I am feeling considerably better, and was told I would keep on improving in the following months. We had a video of all the healings and it has created a lot of interest amongst our friends. We are extremely grateful for your concern and interest, and quick response to our original communications.”



These remarkable healings would not have occurred for this family—who live several continents away from where I do in Oregon—if not for the services provided by and So I hope those in charge of these free Internet sites are reading this and know how much they are appreciated. Thank you!



As always, please feel free to contact me if you have

God Bless You!


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