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2014 Travel Report

February 17, 2014

March 26:  I’m back from the Philippines and will be publishing my travel report soon. The journey was filled with many miracles, both for me personally and for others.

I’m happy to report that Rev. Jun Labo is “at the top of his game,” even at age 80, and I encourage anyone who’s interested to visit him.

I learned more about psychic surgery and how it works, and I will be writing about this in the near future. So be sure to check back soon.  Also, I’m going to change my blog to a website because there is so much information I want to share, and my blog has become difficult to read due to length.

I wish you many blessings!



July 17, 2013

My book on psychic surgery has been revised to include new resource material for those wanting to travel to the Philippines and locate the healers. This same information is also further down on this blog.

Psychic Surgery and Faith Healing provides an in-depth look at the subtle yet profound interplay between physical reality and the spiritual dimensions. Pangasinan Province on the Philippine Island of Luzon has long been associated with mysterious, metaphysical phenomena and alternative healing, as practiced by the indigenous Filipinos. This book explores psychic surgery and faith healing from the historical perspective as well as the author’s personal experience. Also included is a detailed resource section with information on traveling to the Philippines and locating the healers. Here is the beautiful new cover for the revised edition:


Excerpt from the Memoir: 

Mile after mile, the wind flows through the open windows, bringing with it the smell of the dry fields, cow manure, cooking fires, and molasses. The dust of the road contains everything that has ever existed. This fine powder, carried around the world by breeze, squall, and tempest, might once have been my ancestor, the clouds of another planet, or even my own body. When Joseph stops the jeepney for a short break, I wander out into the fields, my sandaled feet kicking up some farmer’s forgotten furrow, and I feel as if I am touching the stars, the moon, the very heart of God. I meet myself in the fragmented earth.”

Ordering Information:

Available on Amazon in print and as e-book, but it would be preferable if you would order directly from me using the Paypal button at the top of the page. The cost is $18, which includes postage.  If you live in a foreign country, you might want to consider ordering the e-book on Amazon or as a pdf file from me. Overseas postage requires $10 extra. If you can’t afford $5 for the e-book, let me know and I’ll e-mail it to you at no charge.


April 10, 2013

Jessica at the Oregon Country Fair


The last time I visited the Philippines to see the psychic surgeons and faith healers was in 2008, when I took a mediumship seminar with Rev. Jun Labo. In December 2012, I felt ready to go again. I wanted to renew my spirit and advance my abilities as a medium and magnetic healer—not to mention escaping the freezing Oregon winter. I also knew Rev. Jun Labo was approaching eighty, and I wanted to see him while he was still doing healing. Then, in January 2013, I received a surprise phone call from Denis, who wanted to see the healers because of his advancing throat cancer. Denis wanted me to be his personal tour guide, and I agreed without hesitation.

A few weeks later, I flew from Medford to San Francisco and met Denis at the airport, and off we went. We flew into Manila, but I have not included anything about Manila in this posting because we were only there one night before taking the bus north to Pangasinan Province. When we reached Urdaneta City, we checked into the Lisland Rainforest Resort, with its gracious tropical vegetation, open-air restaurant, air-conditioned rooms, and magnificent lagoon-shaped swimming pool.

—This posting is written with the assumption that anyone reading it already knows what psychic surgery and faith healing are all about. If not, please refer to earlier posts in this blog, or purchase my e-book Psychic Surgery and Faith Healing: Revised Edition (available on Kindle, Nook, and as a pdf file.) Used copies of previous print editions are also available on Amazon. My newest book, Mediumship and the Flow of Grace: Messages from Paul, is available as an e-book and in print.

—Disclaimer: This post contains photographs of healing that include lots of blood, so if blood upsets you, it might be best not to look at the photos in the section on Rev. Jun Labo.

—Another Disclaimer: Jessica Bryan, the author of this blog, does not do psychic surgery, nor does she know of any Filipino healers currently working in the United States. Jessica does clairvoyant readings and energy healing based on what she learned in the Philippines; see also,

— Please see the posting below this one for resources related to visiting the healers.

*  *  *


So, let’s begin with Rev. Esther Bravo Roxas, the first healer on our itinerary.

The official name of Esther Bravo’s healing center is “Temple of God Espiritista Christiana Inc., Silaw ti Biag.” It’s located several miles south of central Urdaneta, down a cement walkway. The business in the front of the walkway sells stone markers. Like much of the Philippines, Urdaneta is dirty, smelly, and crowded. Even with several fans going, Esther’s chapel is usually quite hot. We were there in March, which is the beginning of the Filipino hot/wet season, but in November, December, and January the climate is dry and more moderate.

There’s a small shop that sells bottled water, snacks, and toilet paper (there’s none in the tiny bathroom). Shoes are left outside the chapel door, and there are likely to be several local residents sitting in the small courtyard, cooking and eating.

The chapel itself has marble floors, wooden benches, and silver and gold banners. Sitting on a table, there is a plaque in a mother-of-pearl frame announcing: “International Academy of Kindness, Awarded to Esther Bravo. Your love and help to the people is the greatest proof that God exists in the earth. Russian Academy of Kindness, Gregory Pototsky, President.” There is also a Certificate from the “International Order of Eastern Dimensions” written in Russian. A banner reading “Children of God Who Follow the Holy Spirit, 2005, Italy” hangs on the wall.

Esther does not allow photographs of the physical healings because the flashing lights are too distracting, but here is a picture of the front of the chapel.

Esteher's Chapel

Saturday and Wednesday are Esther’s regularly scheduled days for healing, but she works every day when there is a group of foreigners in the clinic—except when she goes on a mission, and then she takes visitors with her. Unfortunately, the time she does healing is not always definite, which can sometimes require waiting. In addition to her chapel in Urdaneta, a healing sanctuary is being built for her in the mountains.

We saw Esther every day for about a week before we went to Baguio, but I’ve combined everything into three days.


A rooster was crowing, asserting dominance, the very pregnant cat cried for food, and somewhere close by a cockatoo was singing. Inside the simple chapel sat crammed together at least thirty Filipinos, several Italians, and numerous Russians and Germans. At the front of the chapel, an elderly man was pounding the podium as he preached from the Bible in Ilocano, his voice rising and falling in the musical cadence I know and love so well.

We listened and meditated for about an hour as we waited Esther. Finally, she arrived, and the room fell silent and reverent. She seemed to be a high state of consciousness, her black eyes flashing and swimming with compassion as she said, “Be not prideful but be humble, and especially honor the gifts you have received from the Holy Spirit. As you receive, also give. Do not speak aggressive words to another, because it will fill your mind and heart with darkness. Remember the Lord and be always in the light.”

Next came the ceremonial blessing of the water, which was piled high in bottles on the altar at the front of the room. Her hands were raised in a blessing, as she murmured emotional prayers in her native language. Then she began doing “spiritual injections.” A cue formed, and one by one we went up and stood before her.

Holding a white sheet of paper, she used it as a “scanner” or “X-ray,” moving it quickly up and down each person’s body, front and back. Then scooping the energy of the Holy Spirit from the Bible held open by her assistant, Esther “injected” the Holy Spirit into each person in several places. When it was my turn, she touched my forehead and whispered “Bless You.” One man, an Italian, with obvious symptoms of a stroke had to be escorted by several friends up the stairs. A child cried in the back of the room, some people were moaning, and a young girl was singing low in her throat.

With her golden brown skin, long straight hair, arched eyebrows, and a sprinkle of freckles across her cheeks, Esther seemed tireless. A thin line of perspiration formed on her upper lip as the line went on and on, until finally everyone in the room had received the Holy Spirit by invisible injection. Her incredible strength of purpose is a powerful teaching—keep your eyes on the goal of doing the Lord’s work and do not waiver.

The injections completed, Esther’s physical eyes held a faraway look as she focused on her inner sight and began doing psychic surgery on an elderly woman. A brief nod of her head, or just a word, and her assistant would call the next person by name. Each, in turn, would get on the table in front of Esther, while an assistant held up a sheet for privacy. Shirts were raised high and pants pushed low, exposing most of the body. Although there were people from many countries, the Russians seemed to need the most attention—some of them had obvious tumors. Several people lay down on their stomachs so Esther could remove their hemorrhoids.

Denis was the third person called up for healing, and I went with him to observe. Esther asked how long his tumors had been growing and whether they had been biopsied. Then she talked about how a biopsy can spread the cancer cells. She removed a small tumor about the size of a grape from the right side of his neck and held it up for him to see.

She was extremely cautious when she started working on the large tumor on the left side of his neck. I had felt this the day before, and it was quite hard, perfectly round, and almost as big as a golf ball. It was very scary! Esther said the tumor had grown around a nerve and this was serious. Next, she worked around his Adam’s apple; I’m not sure what she did there, but it’s possible she was working from the outside on the smaller tumor inside his throat. Afterwards, she gently rubbed some cream on his neck.


“At first, I kept my eyes closed, feeling no pain, only a very warm pressure. I was aware that Esther had somehow opened up the flesh to expose the tumors. I opened my eyes to see her removing something from the right side of my neck. Afterwards I felt no pain, had no scars, and I still had plenty of energy to enjoy the trip.”


We arrived several hours early and waited, “soaking up” the strong spiritual energy present in the chapel. During this lengthy meditation, I had a remarkable “visit” from our Himalayan cat, who had died rather suddenly just before I left for the Philippines.

In my mediation, “Buster” simply marched into the middle of my head (by this I mean my clairvoyant “viewing screen”) and said quite emphatically, “Hey! What’s going on here?” Then he turned into a gorgeous, youthful angel with blond hair and blue eyes. The angel was tall and slender, with graceful white wings. He looked deep into my eyes and love flowed out of him in a blessing. This experience has made it easier to accept the loss of our beloved pet.

Denis reported a similar experience. During meditation, he had a vision of his deceased mother floating above Esther as she stood at the front of the room doing healing. His mother downloaded important information, which has brought Denis great peace. He also reported that he felt his mother’s presence almost every time we were with Esther.

As a medium, I’ve had similar experiences when doing healing. Perhaps the spirit of a deceased person is trying to make contact with a friend or relative who is still alive, but the living person is not able to tune into the correct frequency. However, when the living person is in the presence of a medium—a person who is tuned in to the higher frequencies and can receive information from “the other side”—the deceased person can make contact with the living through the medium. Jonathan Edwards and Sylvia Browne are good examples of this phenomenon.

Esther arrived and first blessed the water and did spiritual injections. When my turn to get on the healing table came, she plunged her hands deep into my belly in the area of an old surgical injury. She also worked around my heart. I couldn’t see Denis when he was on the table, but the large tumor on the outside of his neck is beginning to get smaller and change shape.

Once again, we observed the Italian stroke patient struggle to get up and down the stairs on his own, a beaming smile on his face. Unfortunately, we also saw him outside smoking after his healing!


At the suggestion of Brother Robert—a wonderful man from Texas who has been writing to me—the next day we visited Centro New Divine Life, a rural Espiritista church in Barangay YatYat, Laoac, Pangasinan. There we met a beautiful medium in his late 80s named “Uncle Tony Ringor.” It was difficult to speak directly with him, because the only available English translator was working in the fields at the time, but words are not really necessary when in the presence of such a strong spirit.

We sat together outside his humble hut, and he held my hand almost the entire time. Tony transmitted something of his powerful soul essence into me, and I felt the energy of his hand in my hand for about an hour afterwards.

Jessica and Tony   Jessica and Tony

Tony also spent about five minutes gently feeling the lump on Denis’ neck. Denis later said Tony channeled golden energy into the tumor. He must have been doing magnetic healing. Denis also felt Tony’s energy in his body long after we left.

What a beautiful human being. I nearly cried when we had to leave him. I felt so blessed to have been introduced to Uncle Tony—it was like meeting a living saint.

We also had a nice talk with Pio Daus, who showed us where Brother Robert is planning to build a house and retire. The lot was filled with grazing goats and surrounded by brilliant green rice paddies glistening in the sun. Brother Robert plans to be in residence at YatYat by the end of 2013, and he has volunteered to assist any travelers coming through Pangasinan who want to visit the healers. (More on this in a future blog posting.)

*  *  *

After visiting Tony, we returned by tricycle to Esther’s. A Filipino “tricycle,” by the way, is a medium-sized motorcycle to which a side cart has been attached. These carts can hold several adult Filipinos, but they were a tight squeeze for Denis and me. The drivers of these vehicles dart in and out of traffic at unsafe speeds—it’s rather like the bumper cars we used to ride at the county fair! They are used mostly in the provinces; there are taxis in Baguio and Manila. Jeepneys are another popular, inexpensive means of transport, but that’s a subject for another article!

Back at Esther’s, there were again many foreigners in the chapel with their tour guides. It was extremely hot and crowded, but we stayed for hours because the trance energy created by the healing was so powerful and conducive for meditation.


When Esther left to go on a mission, we took the air-conditioned bus north to Baguio. The same day we arrived, we visited the healer Rev. Jun Labo. He looks great! I can hardly believe how good he looks at age 78. He appears transcendent. The first thing he said to us was, “In the mornings I do healing in the clinic, and in the afternoon I am trying to heal the city.” He is running for mayor again because he is so disgusted by the air pollution in his once beautiful city. I asked Jun what he would do about the pollution if he is elected mayor (scheduled for May 2013), and he basically described instituting an emission test similar to what we have in the states. Any car that failed would be taken out of use, which would mean most of the cars in town, especially the taxis!

We booked ourselves into Forest Lodge at Camp John Hay after a horrible night at Golden Pines Hotel in central Baguio. The air at Camp John Hay reminded me of the smell of pencils because of the many pine trees. Walking between our building and another containing the main restaurant, I was often greeted with at least ten “Morning, Mam(s),” a nomenclature I find it difficult to relate to.

At Camp John Hay, there are managers and the managers have managers. There are also security guards and supervisors for the hundreds of hotel staff. The supervisors also have supervisors. “We are in service as trainees,” one of waitresses in the restaurant told me. “We are earning our college degrees.” College? To learn to pour the coffee and change the sheets? How many Filipinos does it take to change the sheets? At least four! The Philippines is a tribal society where everyone works together in supporting the whole. In this place a person is never lonely. Take a Filipino away from the tribe and the sadness is crushing. Coming from a culture where we are so often isolated from each other, the Filipino lifestyle seems so comforting. Even if they are brutally poor, they have each other.


Soon after we arrived, while walking back from lunch, my hands started fluttering with energy the same way they do when I’m doing magnetic healing. I also felt something pressing into my palms. I told Denis, “ I think Jun Labo is trying to strengthen the healing power in my hands.”


Today we went to Jun’s for the morning session, and the first thing Jun said was:

“I was reading your new book yesterday. It’s a beautiful book.”

“Did you give energy to my hands while you were reading my book?” I asked him, and he smiled.

“Yes, because I was thinking about you,” he said. Then he added, “When I say the prayer, hold out your hands and I will bless them more.”

Before we went downstairs for healing, we gathered in the chapel upstairs. First Jun said a lovely prayer, and then he blessed everyone’s hands and chakras. He also did this after everyone had received healing.

Of course, it was absolutely amazing, especially for Denis. I literally almost fainted when Jun took a large piece of the tumor out of Denis’s neck. Interestingly the camera malfunctioned when I photographed this tissue and the photo came out blurry. It’s also possible the energy in the healing room was so powerful that I jumped and moved the camera.

Here are a few photos of Denis on Jun’s healing table, taken during the six days we were with him. Note the first photo showing a large red opening on Denis’ neck, which stayed open even though Jun was not touching him.


Philippines 183

Philippines 181

Philippines 241

Philippines 240


Philippines 261

My healing was rather uneventful. Afterwards, Jun said I was basically healthy. He checked my eyes and took a small amount of tissue from my abdomen. We didn’t tell him we had already been to Esther’s, because he prefers that his patients see only him. He describes this as, “It’s only my work.”


Yesterday Jun said I was in good shape, but then today he took a much larger clump of tissue from under my sternum. This area hurt slightly for about 24 hours, but I believe this type of minor pain validates or “proves” the healing, (as described in homeopathy). Once the diseased tissue is removed, the surrounding cells work to complete the healing in the same way that a scab forms on a superficial wound.

Jun worked again on the outside of Denis’ neck. Then he put his hand inside his mouth, took out more tissue, and asked Denis to spit. At this point in our journey, Denis seems satisfied and hopeful about his healings with both Jun and Esther.



When we arrived, Jun was telling part of his “life story” to an Australian woman and the man she had brought for healing. He described how at age nine his mother wanted him to pray four times a day—she was a medium in the Espirista church. He would pray the first time and then “fake it” for the rest of the day. If she knew, she never said anything about it. Then he talked about how they discovered he was a healer when he held his hands on a man in a wheelchair and the man got up and walked. This happened three times with three different people in wheelchairs, and pretty soon folks needing help were lining up at his door.

After our healings today, I spoke with Jun about how I want to help him write his autobiography. I’m not sure whether this can be accomplished, because he is so busy, but I’m sure a book about his life in his own words would be treasured by the thousands and thousands of people have been to him for healing—and also those who might have wanted to meet him but were unable to.

*  *  *

Denis seems to be able to turn off anything he’s not interested in or that doesn’t serve his highest good. He made the comment this morning that he feels like his life has been extended by his healing in the Philippines. At this point there is still more to do, and Jun has indicated that Denis needs a total of six treatments.

As for me, I am experiencing an improvement in the vision in my right eye. Also, Jun has been blessing us, saying, “I am giving my power to your hands so you can be healers in your own country.” When my turn came today, he hit my open palms with great enthusiasm and energy transference.

After healing we took a bumpy, twisty ride out into the jungle to the Asin Hot Springs to relax in the warm water. The villages in the jungle and all the foliage and flowers and butterflies were spectacular.


When we arrived at the clinic, several people were already there, including a man who appeared to have fairly advanced cancer, likely of the lung. Even though he was weak, he had a beautiful smile and we felt very much in tune with him. Jun actually did two healings for this man during the same session, removing several growths both times.

Denis’ healing was similar to previous days, in that Jun worked more on the same areas of his throat. When it was my turn, Jun first “checked” my body to see if something was going to come out. There was nothing but a couple of small bits of tissue. Then, suddenly, he grabbed my left hand and blew hard on it. He guided my hand on my own stomach to see if I could do psychic surgery on myself! According to Denis, blood came out. I knew Jun was “testing my hand” because he is getting old and he hopes to pass on his gift. He did the same thing with all of the students in his 2008 seminar.

*  *  *

That night at Forest Lodge, the food was fantastic: salad with roasted shrimps and really, really good French bread, plus a mango shake. A trio of Filipinos playing mariachi music serenaded us. They said they had learned the Mexico music from a cassette! It was very authentic except for their pronunciation. They played “Folsom Prison Blues” in broken English, and then I borrowed one of their guitars and played “Friend of the Devil” by the Grateful Dead. One of the Filipino guitar players knew all the accompanying licks. The audience was rather blasé, but most of the people here are Chinese, Japanese, and upper class Filipinos, and they are not as raucous as the lowland folks.


We arrived early, just as Jun was leading the others down the stairs to the healing room. The young man from Switzerland was first, and several tumors were removed as his three tour guides stood reverently by and took photos.

When Denis got on the table, Jun again worked on the same areas of his neck. Then he put his hands on Denis’ lower left belly and warned me “Watch out, dirty blood!” I jumped back just as blood spurted out about four to five feet all over Denis and the floor. We were quite surprised.

This might be a good place to mention one theory about how psychic surgery works—even though many of you reading this are already familiar with my other writings on the subject:

(1) Diseased cells can be found anywhere in the body, not just in a solidified tumor or other disease. (2) When the hand of the healer enters the body (see earlier posts for an explanation), the healer’s hand functions like a magnet, drawing diseased cells from different parts of the body into one clump, which can then be easily removed. (3) This means the tissue and/or blood clots removed in one location could have come from several different areas of the body.

*  *  *

Denis’ tumors can still be seen, but they are changed, and the hope is that what’s left of them is now “dead,” and his body will gradually reabsorb them. Denis is an amazing person; his level of yogic de-attachment is inspiring. He just refuses to involve himself in petty or negative thoughts. We can all take a lesson from Denis in this regard.


Our final day with Jun was nothing less than spectacular. Three young men from Saudi Arabia had arrived, and also the same man from Switzerland. Jun did his beautiful opening ceremony—pausing to give me a glorious smile and a hug—and then we went downstairs to the healing room.

I was a bit nervous getting on the table nearly naked with three young Muslim men watching. But they seemed okay with it. Nothing more was needed, so my turn was over quickly.


Jun invited us to watch from a distance of about three to four feet, and then he removed the eyeballs of one of the young Saudi Arabian men! I have heard about this procedure, but I’ve never seen it done. Jun was extremely careful, and we actually observed first one and then the other eyeball come out. Jun held them in his hand for a moment, did something to them but I’m not sure what, and then returned them.

There is no way to adequately describe this experience. It’s totally “beyond belief.” Too bad a movie producer wasn’t with us! The man wore big thick glasses, but hopefully he won’t need glasses much longer! Many tumors came out of the other two men from Saudi Arabia—one of them was as big as a grapefruit. Unfortunately, I was unable to take photos of the men from Saudi Arabia, because in Jun’s clinic you are not allowed to take photos of people you don’t know, only those you are traveling with.

When we came upstairs, a new group from Germany was waiting. Tomorrow we are returning to Urdaneta, and it was very hard to say goodbye to Jun. Pictures were taken and hugs given as we made ready to take our leave. Jun Labo is 78 years old now, and I made a joke, saying, “You’ll have to work for another fifty years because everyone loves you so much!”


“Words lack the proper expression here. I experienced pure Love. There is no other way to describe it, other than as a gift from God for which Jun Labo’s hands were the vehicle. I knew that I was in the hands of God, and that I would experience no pain. I kept my eyes open during all the healings. Several times Jun showed me strings of chocolate-colored material he had pulled out of my throat and neck. He said he had to cut the cancer away from the nerves.

“On the last day that we visited Jun, he seemed to glow. Showing his human side and having a cigarette, he talked a little about his bid for mayor. He then took us over to the chapel for a blessing. Afterwards, I had the chance to thank him and tell him what a great honor it had been to meet him.”

Here are photos of us with Jun:

Jessica and Jun



One day, we took a tricycle out into the countryside to find Rev. Alex Orbito and his “Pyramid of Asia,” which is an actual pyramid made from small stones located on the road to the Cathedral of Our Lady of Manaog. In the 1990s, Alex’s brother, Marcos Orbito, did a mission at my tiny apartment in Berkeley. Because of this connection with the family, we received a warm welcome even though Alex was in the middle of a seminar with sixty students from Europe.


We meditated in the air-conditioned chapel/seminar room for about an hour, waiting for Alex to begin healing. I had a severe headache—caused by banging my head during a wild ride in a tricycle—and while meditating I felt invisible hands working on my head. The pain subsided, and I also received a meaningful message from my Spirit Guide. After about an hour, Alex came out of the seminar and began working in his healing room on Denis and his students.

Alex Orbito’s treatment of Denis was quite different than Jun Labo, in that there was less blood. He began by saying, “First clean the liver,” which is probably a good idea with any cancer patient. Then he proceeded to remove several blood clots and one piece of stringy tissue about three inches long from the area of Denis’ liver.

When he pulled out his finger, I heard a loud “pop.” Denis reported that he could feel Alex’s finger enter his body because it actually hurt a bit. I was impressed by the “pop,” having never heard this with any other psychic surgeon.

Next, he gently put his hands on Denis’ throat. His eyes were closed as if he was diagnosing Denis’ condition. He told Denis to come back later in the afternoon for a second healing—at an additional charge. (The expected “donations” at Alex’s clinic range from 50 to 300 Euros, per session).

We returned in the afternoon for Denis’ second session, during which I met Alex Orbito’s beautiful older sister, Juliette. For me, it was “love at first sight,” and I fell into her open arms even though we were strangers. Later, I learned she is a medium at the Orbito home church, Interfaith Spiritual Church in San Manuel, Tarlac. She must have recognized me as a sister medium because she just kept hugging and hugging me. I was so distracted by my meeting with Juliette that I missed Denis’ second healing.

Denis said all of the healers he’s seen—Esther Bravo, Jun Labo, and Alex Orbito—are genuine, true healers, but he thought it odd that Alex only opens one area of the body per session, necessitating numerous “donations.” Alex also charges 2,000 Euros for his seminars, making his Pyramid of Asia the most expensive clinic and teaching facility I’ve heard of in the Philippines.

*  *  *

We returned to Lisland for lunch, during which we had a discussion about leading tours together at a future date, and anyone reading this is welcome to request more information later this year or early in 2014. Of course, a notice will be posted on this blog if a tour is planned.

At this point, our journey is nearing an end, so even though it had already been an eventful day we returned to Esther’s chapel. When it was my turn on her healing table, she seemed to focus on my heart, but mostly I experienced her deep, loving energy.

We were there when she completed her work, and we observed her come out of trance. She prayed, put her head down, and began to yawn. She looked vacant-eyed and tired for a few moments before she got up to leave. Esther Bravo does, indeed, work very hard, and she seems to work all the time. She is totally focused on her mission, and anyone wishing to understand the roots of psychic surgery and faith healing can experience it in abundance at Esther’s small chapel—and also at the Faith in God Spiritual Church in Vacante, which is my “home church.” (More about this below.)


About twenty-five people from Vacante, mostly kids, showed up for my farewell swimming party at Lisland Rainforest Resort. It was a glorious party, and it only cost $60! The children were ecstatic, and it was difficult to get them out of the pool even after six hours.



Jessica and Trinidad at Pool Party


We arrived early in the morning at the Faith in God Spiritual Church, about twelve miles north of Urdaneta. This is where everything started for me. It’s almost as if my entire life began when I first went to this church in 1992. I wrote extensively in my book on psychic surgery about my experiences and how I received the gift of healing from the medium at Faith in God. This visit with Denis was a long-overdue follow-up. The original healer at the church, Rev. Filomena “Mely” Naces, died about 16 years ago, but before she died she asked me always remember her church and help her family. Here are three photos from Faith in God:

Faith in God

Faith in God Banner

Mary at Faith in God

We took our places in the front row, and I began to sing with the choir. The congregation and the choir are not as big as they were twenty years ago. Many people from the community have been working in foreign countries for some time. But the few remaining voices were strong. The guitar player was familiar; he had just returned from working overseas and was surprised to see me again after so many years.

The service began with opening comments, and then I was called to the podium to speak. I spoke on the topic of life after death, and fortunately there was a good translator. Next, Denis spoke from his heart about how his life has been affected by having cancer:

“Illness can be a blessing in a person’s life.  We need to give thanks for every day, every hour, every minute, and every breath we take.”

Denis speaking at Faith in God

—I have used the term “the medium” below, because once she is in trance Belen is no longer merely Belen. She becomes a “medium” for the transmission of information and energy from the spiritual dimensions. In other words, God speaks and acts through her. She might or might not be aware of what transpires, depending on how deep her trance is.

—Please refer to my books if you want to learn more about magnetic healing, which I also call “energy” healing.

*  *  *

Belen, Mely’s older sister, is the current medium-in-residence, and she got up to take her place at the podium. She quickly entered a deep trance state and began to do automatic writing in big loopy circles on a large tablet of paper. This part of the service was done in Ilocano, but I know from past experience that part of it involves giving the congregation specific Bible passages to study during the coming week.

Unexpectedly, someone tapped me on the shoulder and told me to get up and stand before the medium. Readers of my book on psychic surgery will remember how the same thing happened in 1992, except that back then it was more of a surprise.

“Do you want more power to your hands?” said the medium.

“Yes,” I replied.

“Use your Third Eye,” she said as she touched my hands.

Focusing on her with my physical eyes and my Third Eye—which opened my clairvoyant vision—I watched as beautiful golden energy poured into the medium’s crown chakra (top of her head) and then flowed out of her hands and into my hands as I held them open before her.

Next, she closed my hands tightly and held them for a moment, as if to preserve the gift that had been given. I returned to my seat feeling like I never wanted to open my hands again. But of course I will, and I did, and as I opened them I became aware of golden cords of light going into both of my hands and also into the top of my head. It felt like the light energy of Christ moving throughout my entire body.

Denis was also called up before the medium, and she gave him a blessing for his healing.

Denis with the Medium

Preaching by various community members in Ilocano followed. It was rather like a Quaker service, in which anyone can get up and speak. The soft voices lulled me into a sweet, dreamy state in which I was floating in bliss reveling in the feeling in my hands.

At the end of the service, anyone desiring magnetic healing was invited to come up to the front of the church and sit in a chair—those who wanted to give magnetic healing formed circle around them. Four people choose to sit in the chairs: Denis, two women with vision problems, and a woman who had suffered several strokes.

Standing behind the people in the chairs, I raised my hands and simply touched the head of each one, watching as the golden energy flowed out of me and into them. No matter how many times I experience this flow, I am always amazed. Even after twenty years, I still find it hard to believe that God has blessed me with such a gift.

Many other members of the community also contributed to the group healing. Trinidad, Mely’s former assistant, said to Denis emphatically, “Open your mouth!” He hesitated, but then opened it.


“With the group of magnetic healers in a circle around me, I felt surrounded by pure energy. One of them, Trinidad, had me open my mouth. She then “threw” something towards my mouth and had me swallow, which was very strange. It felt like I had swallowed something—a mass of energy—and my airway briefly constricted.”

Denis and Trinidad      Denis and Trinidad

In this photo of Denis and Trinidad, a halo can be seen around Trinidad’s head as she gives him magnetic healing. This type of photo is called a “spirit photo,” because it shows the energy of the spirit that is working through her. I believe the energy created by the healing also blurred this photo, because I was standing quite still when I took it.

The true sense and meaning of community is expressed with simplicity at the Faith in God Spiritual Church, just as it is at Esther Bravo’s. This is a tribe, a group, a community that strives to heal and support each individual. Small Filipino churches such as Esther Bravo’s and Faith in God embody the true beauty of the Filipino experience in the coming together for the worship of God and in loving each other. Most, if not all, of the more famous healers in Baguio and elsewhere got their start in a small, rural Espirista church. In seeking out these churches, you will come to understand more about what the term “faith healing” really means, and why it’s integral to the healing that can manifest with psychic surgery.

Anyone is welcome to visit the Faith in God Spiritual Church on Sunday from about 8:30 to noon. I have been encouraging Belen and Trinidad to put together a class in magnetic healing—a training or simply an experience—for people who want to expand their spiritual healing skills without paying exorbitant fees. This will likely happen spontaneously if visitors show up on their doorstep.


The Faith in God Spiritual Church is located in a rural farming community (called a “barangay”), and although the church is quite comfortable (including cool marble floor tiles and ceiling fans), the bathroom needs improvement. Thus, if you visit I would encourage you to make a donation in any amount to the facilities improvement fund, which also includes updating the electrical wiring in Mely’s original healing room. Specific directions to the church can be found in the resources post that follows.


We were due at the airport in Manila on Tuesday, so Monday night we went to Esther’s to say goodbye and because we had been told there was a special service with mediums (or for mediums) every third Monday of the month. Unfortunately, we were given the wrong information, because this event happens on the third Sunday. Well, technically this isn’t wrong because the service starts at 6 p.m. on Sunday and ends at 6 in the morning on Monday!

Esther was there, however, and it was the first time we were able to speak with her informally when she wasn’t in trance. She told us a wonderful story about how the American Ambassador had recently come to see her for healing. (She couldn’t remember his name.) He was scheduled for a time when no one else was there, and he brought numerous bodyguards with him! They were stationed all around the chapel, inside and out, and one of the bodyguards also had healing.

She told us, “Sometimes my mission is difficult, and there is no time for sleeping or eating.” She also said her most heartfelt desire is that someone locate a large Bible and send or bring it to her. She was very specific that it had to be BIG and the King James Version, with all of the verses included. She said her present Bible omits some verses. I’m not sure what this means; maybe she only has a Catholic Bible. Esther held her hands about two feet apart when she described how big her new Bible has to be, but so far I have not located one. If anyone reading this has any ideas, please let me know!

So we left Esther Bravo, taking with us her beautiful, loving energy—and already knowing that we will return to her again before too long.


One of the valuable gifts I brought home with me from my journey is a dream I had the night before we left:

In my dream, I am carrying two things: a photo of my mother in a frame and a beautiful, blue box that has been decorated with great care. In the box is the string of pearls my father gave me for high school graduation.

Clutching these items tightly, I enter an antique store. After wandering around for a while, I realize these two precious items are no longer under my arm. In a panic, I begin looking everywhere for them but cannot find them. Finally, I decide to simply let them go and forget about them.

This dream shows me that after sixty years of trying to overcome the emotional and energetic “stuff” I’ve been carrying from my family of origin, I’ve finally let go of these burdens.


“Esther Bravo is wonderful. She works on everyone who comes to her —people with all types of afflictions and disease, accepting donations only. Her dedication is inspiring. On one day alone she saw over 100 people.

I saw Esther Bravo over ten times and experienced many states of higher consciousness at her chapel. I felt blessed to be in her presence. During the healings, I always experienced a cold feeling, then a very warm sensation, and finally I felt some bloody discharge. She removed tissue from my neck area.  During one of the earlier healings, I saw her hands turn orange for about thirty seconds and sensed an especially strong vibration of energy.

A highlight of my trip was talking with her the evening before we left. She was humble and powerful, taking her gift very seriously, stating, “It is my calling.”


Esther and Denis


If you feel inspired to visit the healers of the Philippines, I encourage you to take a leap of faith like we did, but try to go without expectations. Well, that’s nearly impossible, but try to keep your expectations in your “back pocket.” Don’t let your desires get in the way of any possibilities that might arise, because you just never know what special gifts the Holy Spirit might have in store for you.

The posting below gives specific resources for travel to the Philippines.

Many blessings!

Jessica Bryan

JESSICA’S e-mail:

DENIS’ e-mail:

*  *  *

FOLLOW-UP MESSAGE FROM DENIS, August 2013, five months after healing:

“It has been over 5 months now since I returned from the Philippines. My tumors have continued to shrink in size and my health is very good. I exercise and meditate daily and maintain a healthy diet. My experience in the Philippines has blessed my life in many ways. So, I tend to give thanks for every day, hour, minute and breath I take. I do believe that the gifted healers (Jun Labo and Ester Bravo) helped save my life; they certainly extended it. Only the moment we live in now really counts. Each day of our life is a choice–we can be happy or let it tear us down. I choose to be happy, filling my life with love, peace, and joy.”


THE HANDS OF THE HEALER: REV. JUN LABO,  Baguio City, Philippines 2013

David Dees of Ashland, Oregon created this close-up photograph from the original.




March 25, 2009

How can someone simply insert his hand into the body of another person and remove tumors, scar tissue, congealed cholesterol, gall or kidney stones, and stagnant blood clots? Even though I have experienced this many times and have observed it at close hand—most recently at the clinic of Jun Labo in Baguio, Philippines—it still seems unbelievable. Yet, every day at 10 a.m., people from around the world with afflictions of body, mind, and spirit, line up at Rev. Labo’s door in anticipation of their own personal miracle. Three days a week, the same thing happens at The Casa, the clinic of John of God in Abadiânia, Brazil. This phenomenon cannot be easily dismissed.

What is “psychic surgery?” Perhaps you have heard about it before, but most of what was said was negative. In fact, there are many false healers, whose primary motivation is to make money from the suffering of others, but there are also incredibly gifted psychic surgeons. In order for a human being to be endowed with the ability to perform psychic surgery, she must be willing to enter into relationship with spirit. She must have what the Filipinos call the Power, meaning the ability to allow intense higher vibrations to flow through her for the purpose of helping others. Thus, psychic surgery can be understood to involve mediumship, which is the receiving of information and energy from spirit in a process called channeling. The healer uses this spiritual energy to affect positive change in the material world, i.e., remove disease from another person’s physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies.

Psychic surgery is also referred to as faith-healing or bare-handed surgery. The healer’s hands function like magnets inside of the body, drawing diseased tissue toward them, which is then removed and thrown away. Simply put, the body is opened in much the same way as medical doctors do when using a scalpel, except that in psychic surgery there is no cutting, no anesthesia is used, and there is no pain, scars, or infection. The incisions can even be made by the healer merely pointing a finger at the skin of the patient from a distance of one foot away. This process is entirely safe, however, because psychic surgeons are directed by the Holy Spirit and highly evolved, powerful spirit guides.

To better understand psychic surgery, imagine the body is like a glass of water. When you slip your finger into the water, the molecules of the water separate to make room for your finger, and when you remove your finger, the water fills in the space left behind.

Clearly, psychic surgery involves some law of physics we do not yet understand. In her book Going Within: A Guide for Inner Transformation, Shirley MacLaine describes her meeting with a well-respected Filipino healer: “Something we don’t understand is occurring, and I believe it is evidence of alternative realities and higher-dimensional capability.” (New York: Bantam Dell, 1989.)

We are physical beings living in a material world we call the 3rd dimension and experience through our five senses. But we are simultaneously so much more. Our 3rd dimensional world merges into the etheric plane, and from there into the 4th dimension, which is also called the astral plane. This alternate universe is inhabited by all sorts of spirits, entities, gurus, elementals, fairies, and ghosts—much like the spirits in the television show “Ghost Whisperer,” those unfortunate souls who have died but haven’t yet crossed over into the light because they have unfinished business on Earth. The astral plane can be visited consciously through astral projection, meditation, near death experience, lucid dreaming, and other means.

The 4th dimension has many levels, serving as a graduated bridge, or ladder, between the 3rd and 5th dimensions. (Different theories postulate anywhere from seven to 49 astral levels.) This bridge allows for the possibility of anyone making contact with the spiritual realms. However, in order to travel to the higher planes, we must first be filled with love for ourselves and others, and learn the necessary skills to raise our conscious awareness.

The 4th dimension merges into the 5th, which some people call heaven. This where Jesus and the saints, angels, and archangels reside. Some theorize that there are even higher spiritual dimensions, but in most religions this is the highest realm a soul can reach. Multi-dimensional reality is a complex subject and there are conflicting theories. Ultimately we will not really know the complete nature and structure of the universe until we die and “go to the light.”

My personal experience is that I am “here” in physical reality, but I am also simultaneously “there” in the spiritual realm. I perceive this “other place” with my inner vision during meditation, and when I am working with clients doing energetic healing and clairvoyant readings. I begin by reciting the Lord’s Prayer, which opens my 7th chakra (the energy center just above the top of the head). This allows me to receive information from my spirit guides, including messages for others. In this way, I experience myself as a multi-dimensional being.

You can begin your own journey of making contact with alternative dimensions by using the simple exercises given below. Just focus your awareness on the Divine—and, remember, your intention directs your destination.

EXERCISE: Connecting to Divine Energy

Sit in a relaxed pose with your feet on the floor and your hands in your lap, palms up. Imagine there is a cord of any color or thickness going from the base of your spine to the center of the earth. Once you create your cord, it will always be available to ground you. All you have to do is think about it. Your cord can go through solid objects, even if you are on the top floor of a tall building or flying in an airplane.

Next, visualize a large ball of sparkling, golden light about a foot above you. Bring this light gently down into the top of your head. See it moving throughout your body: your throat, heart, solar plexus, and abdomen. Send it down your arms and legs, and back up. Finally, flush the light down through your grounding cord, taking with it any “dis-ease” or negativity.

EXERCISE: Connecting to Earth Energy

Begin as above, but instead create a cord attached to the bottom of each foot. Visualize earth energy moving gently up towards you through these cords. Feel it enter your feet and begin to rise up into your body until it has filled you completely. This energy will feel thick and relaxing. Try this meditation when you feel overstimulated, stressed, or have trouble sleeping.

An Amazing Healing Story

October 28, 2008

A few weeks ago, I posted an e-mail from a woman who had visited the psychic surgeon, Jun Labo, and received an amazing healing, actually 14 amazing healings. Below is the ten-day diary kept by her daughter, which details the entire family’s experience:

My Mum’s Healing with Jun Labo, Baguio City

About 4 years ago I met a remarkable woman who had a glass eye. Apparently many years earlier she had been diagnosed with cancer. The tumor was behind her eye and during the surgery she had to have her eye removed and replaced with a glass one. Further tests found that the cancer had spread to her liver and lymph glands. She was given 6 months to live. Out of faith, she took a trip to the Philippines to see a psychic surgeon and 15 years later she is still here to tell the tale. She described how the man she had gone to see lifted the tumor out of her body with his bare hands, without even a mark on her body. I thought to myself, I am going to remember this miracle.
Three and a half years later, I was walking by the river with my mum and she burst into tears. When I asked her what was wrong, she told me that she was having difficulty speaking and getting her mouth around words and that she thought she had had a stroke. Her MRI came back clear. I started to worry that she might have developed a neurological condition and so did my brother, so we encouraged her to see a neurologist. The news was not good. She was diagnosed with Motor Neuron Disease and not the good type—she had the one that progresses very quickly. They don’t know what causes it and they don’t know how to cure it. My mother is my best friend and I refuse to lose her. You don’t realize until something like this happens how much you take it for granted that your mother will be there to walk you down the aisle and to see the birth of your children. Mum has always been into natural healing and she is a spiritual soul so we decided to try everything to save her. I immediately got on the Internet and started searching for psychic healers in the Philippines. I was so conscious that there are charlatans out there and I wanted to be sure that we were going to the see the best.
I finally found a website with a detailed journal written by an American author and healer, Jessica Bryan. She wrote a book on the topic of psychic surgery and has done considerable research. In her journal, she wrote about her trip to see a man called Jun Labo in Baguio.
I managed to contact Jessica via e-mail and she told me that Jun Labo was an incredible healer and that he would be a great person to go and see. My stepfather Brian also got in contact with her and she gave us lots of great advice about what we could expect, the cost per treatment (100 Euros) and information on how casual Jun is (you don’t need to book). I’m so glad I found Jessica. I’m writing this journal because my mother will be healed.
Today my mother, Brian, and I headed off to Baguio for 10 days of healing with psychic surgeon and faith healer Jun Labo. I have read a little bit about psychic surgery, and it’s pretty freaky stuff, but many people have lived to tell their tales because of it. There are so many things in this world that cannot be explained, so I’m filled with hope.
Well, we are finally here. The flight was okay, but I didn’t get a lot of sleep. When we arrived in Manila, it was stinking hot and very chaotic. It’s is like a poorer China. The poverty was pretty full on in the city, but as we got further away, the countryside started to look a lot like Bal, filled with rice fields, buffalo, and thriving little villages. We took a 7-hour bus ride up to Baguio City.
It’s amazing—we climbed and climbed—very scary bus ride—not looking forward to the bus back, but it was well worth it. We are right in the mountains, surrounded by sheer cliffs and green peaks. All of the houses are built on the hillsides and cliffs—and there are a lot of big mansions alongside Filipino “favellas.” The contrast between rich and poor is quite extreme.
We are in the middle of a big tropical thunderstorm now, but when we got here it was about mid 20s and muggy—because we are in the mountains it’s a lot cooler here than it was in Manila.
We went for a taxi ride this afternoon just to find Jun Labo’s clinic and we caught up with him briefly, so it’s all real now! Mum is going for her first session in the morning. I’ve been very nervous about it, but since meeting him I feel much better. He’s 74 but he looks about 50 and has a really good vibe. The city is bustling but it has a more country-like feel than Manila, and the people are very friendly. I have traveled through a lot of Asia, and while there are obvious similarities between different Asian countries, each one has its own flavor. Taxis are a popular form of transport but the local way to travel is in a Jeepney—an extended Jeep—like a small bus. Each Jeepney is decorated in its own way and has its own personality and name—very cute. I’m getting a lot of attention because I am blonde, but it is just out of curiosity and I definitely don’t feel threatened by it. We are still figuring out the food. It has a strong American flavor, but I am trying to experience the local cuisine—which admittedly is a bit hit and miss.

September 6
I witnessed something this morning that will change my life forever. We arrived at Jun Labo’s house at about 10 am. People come here from all over the world to be healed, but this morning it was just us. We sat down on the couch and he chatted with us for a while. It turns out that he lived in Sydney for many years and has two sons that still live there. While we were there we were introduced to a lady called Brijanna from America who is here studying with Jun.
Jun sat with us for a bit, as though he was waiting for the right moment, then led us downstairs to a room with a simple table and put on a white short sleeved lab coat. He asked mum to take off her clothes but leave her underwear on. I felt an incredible emotional energy run through me as he lay her down on the table. Brian and I were encouraged to watch and were even allowed to take photos and video the procedure. As Jun was about to begin, I felt tears streaming down my face, tears of emotion but also fear. I wanted this to be the answer but I had no idea what to expect.
I cannot explain what happened next. Let me first tell you that this was an open room, he had short sleeves on and Brian and I were no more than 3 feet from the table where she lay. He started by laying his hands on her stomach, with his fingers gently pressing into her skin. As he pressed, a pool of blood formed around his fingers and started to run down her stomach. I heard Brian gasp, and I just kept on crying, neither of us moving. Wherever he moved his fingers her stomach appeared to open and more blood flowed out. He first dug his fingers a little deeper into one part of her stomach and pulled out what looked like a stringy bit of tissue. He laid it on her stomach. He kept touching her throat, stomach and the top of her head as though these were the areas he needed to focus on. Blood flowed from everywhere he touched her. Then he dug deeper into the left side of her stomach—as he did, a big stream of blood spurted some 3 feet out of her stomach and all over the floor. He reached further inside and pulled a big meaty lump from her body, the size of a golf ball. I cried more and my whole body shook.
It was all over in less than 10 minutes, but that 10 minutes shook my world. He cleaned up all the blood and mum stood up. There was not one physical mark on her. She rushed to Brian, and I and burst into tears. It was an unbelievable experience—one that I will never be able to explain but am so happy to have witnessed. Afterwards I asked mum what she felt. She said that she felt no pain, only the gentle pressing of Jun’s hands and the blood running down her body. When the lump was removed she felt a rush in her body which she described like “something had erupted out of her.” I asked Jun later what it was and he said that what he had removed was affecting her lungs, neck area, and heart. He told me he needed to do more work, but that my mum was going to be okay. My heart sang. To be brutally honest I was at first traumatized by the procedure. It was heart-wrenching, emotional, and downright scary to watch your own mother go through something like that.
I spent the rest of the day with my stomach in knots but also full of hope, because I had witnessed something that everyone would question, but something that no one could explain. I had witnessed my mother begin her journey to recovery. We spent the rest of the afternoon wandering through the city, shopping and getting to know Baguio. Mum was really light-hearted and laughed a lot at Brian and me because she felt so good and we looked so traumatized! I am filled with hope for what this great man can do for my mum in the next 10 days. I have faith that I will take her home healed.

September 7
I had a terrible time sleeping last night. My stomach was still in knots from the day’s events and I kept running through everything in my mind over and over. I kept glancing over at mum sleeping in the bed next to me thinking that I might see angels floating above her bed looking after her Her healing was a spiritual awakening for me.
Well, another amazing and emotional day today. This morning mum, Brian, and I went see Jun for mum’s second healing. Today was even more emotional more for me than yesterday. Whenever I step foot downstairs in the healing room, I start to cry. It’s like my whole body is filled with hope and fear. When mum lay down on the table, Jun put his hands on her stomach and the blood started to flow again around his fingers. He worked a bit on the same area as yesterday, removing stringy bits of tissue, but the miracle came when he started to focus on her throat. He worked on one side and started to pull out a long piece of tissue—he tugged at it, and it came out piece by piece—a foot or so long in all. He then moved to the other side of the throat, stuck his finger into her body and a big glob of yellow junk came gushing from her neck. It was disgusting and amazing, all in one. He wiped it on a towel and showed it to mum. She had always said that at times she felt like her throat was clogged with mucous. When the treatment finished, mum rushed to Brian and gave him a big hug.
I sobbed again through the whole procedure—I’m hoping the emotion of it all will reduce with each treatment, but I’m not doing too well so far. When I asked her what she felt this time, she said she felt the long piece of tissue being pulled from her throat. Mum had a massage afterwards, and Brian and I sat for a while chatting with Jun. I asked him when he first discovered that he had this gift. He said he was just 15 when he knew, but that he was not ready to embrace it at such a young age, and it was only later that he began to practice it. I also asked Jun if he could tell just by looking at someone if they needed a healing—he simply told me that I had a blockage in one ovary and that I would benefit from a healing. I really want to do it, but I need a few more days to absorb everything. It’s the blood that scares me. When we got back to the hotel, mum’s voice sounded a little better. It deteriorated a bit later in the day, but I can see changes in her, particularly her spirit—she is laughing and smiling a lot, which is in big contrast to Brian and me. We are both still coming to terms with what we have seen. She also didn’t choke on her lunch, which was great. I said to mum today that I almost feel like I should apologize for putting her through this. She simply smiled and said, “This is what I came for.”

September 8
When we woke up this morning, Brian declared that he would be having a healing with Jun today. About 4 months ago, he had an operation to remove a small cancer from his prostrate so he decided to get Jun to check if he was all clear. I’m not ready just yet, but I think I might be tomorrow. My aim today was not to cry! When we got to Jun’s, there was a group of Koreans filming a documentary about psychic surgeons. Apparently, Jun had cured one of Korea’s most famous singers from throat cancer. They asked if they could film mum and Brian being healed. Brian went first, so as not to lose his nerve. Jun asked the camera crew to stop filming because he wanted to check Brian’s prostrate, he also held up a towel for privacy. After examining Brian’s private parts, he gave a nod and said it all looks pretty good, there is just a very small amount of tissue to remove, which he did.
He then proceeded to remove some tissue from Brian’s abdomen then moved up to his throat. As Jun worked on Brian’s neck, a massive glob of yellow muck came from his throat, just like mum’s—and there was something from around his heart. Brian and I were secretly hoping to traumatize mum (like she had done to us), but as she saw the yellow muck emerge, she started to laugh. I love that she is in such high spirits. Brian said he could feel stuff oozing out of him, but he felt no pain whatsoever. When Malcolm (Jun’s assistant) showed him the muck that had been removed, Brian almost threw up!
Mum lay down on the table next. This time when Jun reached into her stomach, he pulled out red/black chunks that looked a lot like blood clots. Brijanna seemed to think that Jun was working on her nervous system at the base of her spine. He then went up to her neck and this time pulled out big strings of tissue from both sides of her neck—much more than in the previous two sessions. Mum said she could feel the sensation of them being removed, but of course there was no pain. She is still really happy and smiles and laughs a lot.
The biggest change I have noticed is in her ability to swallow. The first couple of days of our trip, I noticed her choking on her food at least once during every meal, but since yesterday she has choked very little, if at all. She also said that the twitching in her muscles is much less frequent. I pray with all my heart that her voice will return properly. I have so much faith in Jun. He is incredibly psychic, and he told me that mum “thinks too much” and that she has to leave her troubles behind her.
I’m nervous about being treated tomorrow, but I want my ovary fixed. I’m also going to ask Jun about my bladder and ask him if he can clear away all the emotion I know I have locked up inside me. The good news is that I didn’t cry today—a breakthrough!

September 9
I put on my granny jocks this morning in preparation for my healing. I decided I was going to make my final decision when I got there, but at least mentally I felt like today was the day. We got there a little earlier this morning, so mum and I did some meditation with Jun and Brijanna. I felt really emotional during the meditation—I guess because I was anxious about my own healing, but also because I feel a really strong emotional energy when I’m at Jun’s house.
We went downstairs to the healing room, and I went first because the blood scares me and I didn’t want to lose my nerve. I lay down on the table and didn’t cry. I shut my eyes and prayed through the whole thing. I felt Jun’s fingers on my body and blood sliding off my sides. When he began to dig deeper into my left ovary area, I could feel his hands inside me. It was the weirdest sensation I have ever felt. Mum and Brian hadn’t mentioned this to me, so I was surprised to feel it.
There was no pain, just a feeling of discomfort, like someone was rummaging around inside of me. I know from the video that he pulled lots of blood clots out of my lower belly—he said it was old blood from my periods and that it was giving me trouble. It was also obvious that he was doing something to my ovary. He told me later that it was sitting too low in my stomach, and so he raised it up to its proper position, cleaned it, and removed the fatty blockage he had told me about a couple of days earlier. Next Jun ran his fingers up the length of my body from stomach to chest, working his magic as he went. He asked me to turn over and he did some work on my lower back. This was weird, because I could really feel him working away inside me again. Afterwards, I felt amazing, despite a dull ache in my lower back. I felt like I could breathe for the first time in days, like he had cleared away some of the emotion and anxiety of the week’s events. I got home that night still suffering from ovary pain and a sore lower back—nothing to worry about—more like period pain.
Mum had another great session. He has started working now on the base of her neck and the large lump she has had on her neck for a long time is reducing with each day. He also pulled more tissue from her neck and continues to work on her abdomen area. With each day, I notice little improvements in her attitude, her muscles, or her facial expression. Her voice will come back, said Jun. He told me he is getting to the deeper layers now.
After the healing, we had a great session with Brijanna. She taught us how to meditate and gave us some exercises to release trapped emotion. This is something both mum and I really need. Later in the evening, we met Brijanna for dinner at Cafe by the Ruins, which has become our favorite little eatery. It’s the only place where we have found good coffee. We had a great night chatting about all sorts of spiritual things. She’s a healer herself so she has incredible insight, and we’ve had a great time getting to know her. She has certainly opened my eyes to things I never thought possible.

September 10
My back was still aching when I got up this morning, so I asked Jun if that was normal—he said it was the result of the work he had done. Later in the day, I got my period. Backaches are a common sort of period pain for me. I guess he really got my ovary working again properly. Mum did some more meditation this morning before her session. This time, Jun seemed to work more on her nerves. He pulled more tissue from her neck and worked around her eye—the one with lingering problems from a dose of shingles. He then worked a lot around her head and nerves. He also removed more tissue from the base of her neck. I asked Jun later what he saw in mum today and he gestured with his hands that her life force was climbing. Later in the day, we went to the “pink sisters,” a church where the nuns dress in pink. You can put a prayer and a donation in a box at the church and they will pray for you for a month. We were lucky enough to get there just as the nuns started to sing, which was beautiful to watch. Brian and I both put a prayer in the box, so the prayers for mum will start today.

September 11
Mum and I did some meditation again this morning, and I really relaxed for the first time. Afterwards, we sat and chatted with Jun for a while. Brian was keen to get a second healing and asked Jun about his blood sugar and getting his “bits” operational again. Brian was first up on the table. Because he was getting his private parts worked on, Jun put a sheet up so we couldn’t see. Jun said there was a small blockage and proceeded to remove something. He then started to work on Brian’s chest, saying there was a blockage in one of his heart valves—he pulled out lots of blood clot looking things from Brian’s chest.
Mum was next. Today Jun asked her to lay on her stomach first and pulled out lots of tissue and junk from the base of her neck again. When he turned her over, he said there was quite a large tumor in the side if her neck that he would remove tomorrow. He did more work around her stomach and along her nerves. Afterwards I asked Jun how she was doing—he smiled and said she is doing well. He has a beautiful smile that lights up his whole face.

September 12
This is day 7, so mum asked the psychic surgeon today if she needed to double up on any sessions—he said yes, so she had two healings this morning. During the first session, he pulled more tissue from her neck and shoulder, and released a big glob of mucous again like he did earlier in the week—but this time it was more brown and quite gross. He worked a lot around her eye and pulled out a big piece of tissue from somewhere near her eyebrow. He also cleared a blockage from her heart. Brijanna said Jun was doing a lot more work on her nerves and even her kidneys.
During mum’s second session, Jun pulled more big strings of tissue from the base of her neck and appeared to work more on her nerves again. In short—he did a lot of work on mum today! Afterwards, we went to lunch at Cafe by the Ruins with Brijanna.

September 13
This morning we set off for another healing with Jun. When we arrived he was all dressed in white and looked very striking. When mum entered the healing room, she asked Jun about her tongue and her voice. He started working on her stomach area first, and then asked her to poke out her tongue. He pulled more tissue and gunk from behind her ear. Then he started to work on her eye. This is the freaky part: he pulled her eye out of its socket and appeared to clean it. He laid the eye on her cheek and did some more work behind her eye. It was just sitting there, still attached to the socket. I have never seen anything like it!
During mum’s second session, Jun asked her to lie face down and then we saw something even more incredible. He removed a massive growth from the back of her head, near the top of her neck—it was bigger than an egg! He then reached back into the same spot and said, “Now I am pulling out the roots.” Out came white/pink tissue and more blood clots. He then worked some more on her lower back. I am amazed by something different every day we go to the clinic.
We spoke a bit to Brijanna today about mum’s recovery, and she explained that just like any operation or procedure the physical results will take time to be completed—the body has to integrate the work that has been done. We are already seeing some big changes in mum, and it’s exciting to think that more improvement will happen. Brijanna said by Monday all the energy work will be done, and then the body has to settle. Only two more days to go!

September 14
I had my second session today. I asked Jun to look at the little lump under my collar bone and to check my heart, just for peace of mind. He removed two lumps near both of my collar bones, and then moved down to my ovaries and uterus—he appeared to push them up. When I spoke to Brijanna later, she said he was “adjusting” my uterus. He checked my heart, gave it the all clear, and then he ran his hand up the centre of my body to my throat. He told me later that he had opened my chakras and that if someone was ill, I should touch them.
Mum had two sessions again this morning. During session one, Jun asked her to poke out her tongue—as she did, he pulled out lots of tissue from beneath her chin and throat. During the second session, he pulled out more tissue from the back of her neck. He then started to squeeze the remaining lump on her neck—a bit like he was popping a pimple. Out came a massive blob of what looked like blood clots. When mum and Brian spoke to Jun afterwards, he said the work was pretty much done and that tomorrow he would take one final look to be sure she was all clear. We had another brief session with Brijanna and learned how to channel healing energy into others and how to heal ourselves. Then we spent the rest of the afternoon sightseeing—we went to the Botanical gardens, manor hotel, mansion house and SM for coffee, before making our way back to the hotel.

September 15
Today is our last day in this amazing little city in the sky. Mum had another two sessions with Jun today and, as promised, he did a lot of work checking her whole body over, pulling out more tissue from around her neck and completing her healing. I had been spending a lot of time with mum before we came to Baguio, but because we were spending every hour together on this trip, early on I really got to see how her condition had progressed. On day one and two before the healing, she was choking a lot on her food and she was unsteady on her feet. Brian and I were holding her arm going up and down the stairs, because she was prone to tripping
Now, after 10 days of healing, she is a new woman. Whereas before she was going down, now her life force is coming up. She is choking much less, the expression has returned to her face, and she is no longer tripping. In fact, in the last three days, Brian and I have not needed to help her up and down the stairs at all. She has also told me that her muscles aren’t twitching nearly as much. I really hope that her voice returns, because it’s the one thing that is most obvious, and because my brothers are hoping she will get better. I have faith that with time her voice will return, and I’m already seeing small signs of improvement
We had a perfect afternoon. Brijanna took us to a day spa, and we spent the whole afternoon getting foot massages, facials, and massages—two and a half hours for $30 Aust. I just love this place
We went out with Brijanna to the Manor House for dinner to say goodbye and thank you. I’m going to miss her. Before dinner we sat in the piano bar and ordered champagne cocktails to celebrate. Tomorrow is Brian’s birthday, and with mum feeling so good we had lots of reasons to celebrate. The piano man was taking requests, so Brian asked him to play the song that was played at their wedding. They got up and danced. It made me so happy to see my mum twirling round on the dance floor with Brian, a big smile on her face. It was magical. Although mum is the one who has been healed, this was a healing trip for all of us, especially Brian. I jokingly call Brian a “meat and potatoes man,” but this journey has been an incredibly spiritual experience for him. I know he came on this trip for my mum, because he wanted to have her in his life so much that he was open and willing to see a faith healer. But I don’t think he expected it to open his eyes and his mind to experiences he never thought possible. It has been amazing to witness.
I can’t tell you how glad I am that I met the remarkable woman in Sydney, who told me her story of survival and of psychic surgery. smf yhat I was able to track down Jessica, who was so giving of her time and knowledge on the subject, and that I have made friends with another gifted healer, Brijanna.
But above all, I am so grateful that this amazing journey led us to Jun Labo, a man who oozes charisma, and who has an incredible gift and a beautiful smile. He has given back hope and life to people all over the world. All I can say is thank you for giving me my mum back.

Healing in Baguio

September 27, 2008

A few weeks ago I was contacted via e-mail by the husband of a woman with terminal motor neuron disease. They wanted my advice as to whether psychic surgery could help ease her suffering. I advised him to take her to Baguio to see Rev. Jun Labo, a psychic surgeon.


A few weeks passed, and then I heard from someone in Baguio that she was there with her family and was undergoing psychic surgery. Evidentially, Jun had removed “a string of dead tissues” from her neck and tumors from her forehead. Previously, she had not been able to speak, but after her first few treatments she regained her voice.


Today, I received an e-mail from the woman, who is now back in her home country, and I’d like to share it with the readers of this blog:


“We are home now after our amazing experiences in the Philippines. As it turned out, we were the only ones seeking healing except for one day when a fellow from Europe was there. On our first day, I just lay there with my eyes closed, feeling Jun’s hands on me and blood running down my side. When I got off the table, all I saw was my daughter crying and my husband in a state of shock. I felt very happy and couldn’t understand their reaction. My husband had taken a video of it all, which I later viewed. I guess no matter what you have read about psychic healing it is still unbelievable when you see it really happening. I had 14 healings in all, and my family had several, too. 


One day, there was a film crew from Korea that was doing a documentary on Faith Healing in the Philippines. They filmed my husband and myself during healing and interviewed us afterwards. Apparently, a famous Korean singer had been cured of throat cancer by Jun, so they wanted to find out about it. The film is to go to air in Korea at the end of this month


I am feeling considerably better, and was told I would keep on improving in the following months. We had a video of all the healings and it has created a lot of interest amongst our friends. We are extremely grateful for your concern and interest, and quick response to our original communications.”



These remarkable healings would not have occurred for this family—who live several continents away from where I do in Oregon—if not for the services provided by and So I hope those in charge of these free Internet sites are reading this and know how much they are appreciated. Thank you!



As always, please feel free to contact me if you have

God Bless You!



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